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Youth Services

Our goal is to strengthen and empower our youth in their faith through fun social activities. Through various lectures to social programs we can bring children together in an educational yet enjoyable manner.  By including these activities, we can motivate devoted youth to make a difference in their community and create a sustainable yet lasting change. Cultural events bring together both educational and energetic programs that also further celebrate our traditional Afghan culture, while also encouraging and allowing children to form long-lasting bonds within their community and faith.

Educational Services

ACJCC offers a variety of educational programs for the youth and adults. Hard work from our determined teachers, volunteers, and staff all come together in the creation of our educational programs. We are helping families educate their children with our teachings of the recitation of the Quran, Farsi-Dari language, rules of Islam and cultural traditions. This is taught through various formal programs and social activities, such as daily teachings during the holy month of Ramadan, Muharram gatherings and more. All services are supported and run by the community itself. 

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Cultural Services

ACJCC provides strong cultural services in an inviting and inclusive atmosphere for Afghan-Canadian families. Some of which include the celebration of religious events, Quran Islamic law classes, empowering events for women, weekly programs; ex. Friday afternoons, Thursday nights, and significant dates. Culture contributes to social cohesion and is essential for human health and well-being not only for individuals, but our community as a whole.

Women Services

The women play a very significant role in our community, with their help we are able to thrive towards success. With the help of women, we are able plan and run our events with great success. ACJCC provides a warm and welcoming environment for the women in the community. There are a variety of services for women, one of which includes helping female newcomers to the community learn English and French by facilitating a proper educational curriculum based on their background and ability so they can fit easily in Canadian society. The efforts of women are celebrated on many occasions including Mother's day and women's appreciation day.

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Services: Services
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