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ACJIC started as a small community aiming to provide a place where new immigrants from the Afghan community can practice their religious traditions and celebrate their cultural ceremonies. The main purpose is to help integrate new immigrants into Canadian society. Our community members help the newly arrived individuals by further promoting their independence and autonomy. We provide a multitude of services to over 100 families here in Ottawa. ACJIC is financially supported by membership fees and donations. It is run by a Board of Directors and numerous volunteers

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Canada is a multicultural country that continues to expand its population through immigration. Our ultimate goal is to help newcomers from the Afghan population to integrate into Canadian society through religious and cultural celebrations. With respect to the growing second generation of Afghan children who were born and raised in Canada, we hope to provide engaging services to educate them about their religion and culture. As our community continues to grow, we hope to one day build a larger Islamic center to provide a modern and engaging environment for all members of our community.

About us: About Us
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